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Andrew Sage Art & Entertainment is the company setup in 2005 by Andrew Sage as a vehicle for his creative projects.

Recently collaboration with other creatives has proved to be a very productive and rewarding way of working. Of course just because someone does not see themself as a creative does not mean they can't have great ideas to work with.

These days Andrew sees himself as an imagineer creating new worlds across various mediums.

The current main areas of interest are Virtual Reality and interactive art installations, however imagination and creativity are not just bound to these things.


Xanthe Bodington standing on the Group Hug hug mat in front of the light display

Group Hug - Spectra Festival

Bringing love and light to the world through the power of hugs.

Once again collaborating with Xanthe Bodington, this time to create an interactive light installation commissioned as part of Spectra Aberdeen's Festival of Light.

February 2017

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Xanthe Bodington beside her interactive bees poster

Interactive Bees

How do you give a poster that extra buzz?

June 2016

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The Price's illustrator, Xanthe Bodington, virtually immersed in the story

The Price Virtual Reality Experience

How do you bring the static panels of a graphic novel to life? How do you let the reader step into the main character's shoes and feel what they are feeing?

April 2016

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Starting location of the first walk

Explore! Discover! Exercise!

A series of walks around Aberdeen that led to a joint project with Univeristy of Aberdeen and the creation of a new mobile app.

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Virtual version of The PRice exhibition

The Price Exhibition VR

How Virtual Reality was used to plan The Price exhibition and how it was given life after the phystical exhibition closed.

March 2016

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Andrew Sage and exhibiton photos

The Price Photography Exhibition

Andrew Sage's photography inspired by his story The Price.

April 2016

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Drink image from The Price graphic novel

The Price Graphic Novel

How Andrew Sage collobrated with illustrator Xanthe Bodington to turn his story into a full length graphic novel.


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Symbotica card game in progress

Symbotica - The Card Game

Card game designed and created by Andrew Sage and first released in 2007.


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